Our Brands

We love supporting fellow creatives and caring for the earth while doing so.
The brands TFE works with align with both our aesthetic and our sustainable values, giving a floral nod to what I love and stand for.

 Supporting Local


Raglan Candles are an eco-friendly business so all the packaging we use is recycled & we offer refill options. Made in Raglan New Zealand with love and 100% Pure Soy wax. 
All candles use cotton wicks that are made from textile-grade cotton and all-natural. Their wooden wicks are native and sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified. They also use concentrated fragrance oils made from natural, naturally derived and plant-based ingredients. 



Mimmi Terra totes are 
based on the east coast of Australia. A brand that is reflective of the untouched coastal environment which surrounds us. They 
use only 100% recycled PE (Polyethylene) plastic which is hard wearing, durable and recyclable. Their vegan 
totes provide a light-weight and sustainable companion for all endeavours. 





Papier produces high quality, locally sourced and in-house designed artwork. For our New Zealand and Australian customers, they use local renewable materials in our frames. Each print works to brighten the home and bring inspiration!






Monday Wilde & Co is Based in Waikato New Zealand with a shop based in Pukekohe. Each candle is handmade and uses designer fabrics in their packaging for a unique touch. We love supporting this beautiful small business owned by Candice, and hope your enjoy her delicious handmade candles as much as we do!
Auckland-based artist Helen Bankers has always been attracted to the natural world. Her work has taken her around the world for a myriad of publications and brands, but when she’s not on assignment Helen loves exploring botanical & floral world.